To rejuvenate your glance there are several options today, which can be to improve lowered eyebrows, drooping eyelids, remove the “eye bags” or a combination of several of them, and it is made possible that with a single surgery your appearance and facial expression are improved without losing personal identity.


In those patients who have drooping eyebrows (eyebrow ptosis) it is usually more apparent in its more lateral portion and causes a look of sadness and tiredness. The surgery serves to raise the eyebrows again in a natural way. The surgery can be performed by two approaches or through the eyelid to make a subtle rise and subsequent fixation of the eyebrow. Or in those cases with a very sharp descent of the eyebrow can be done through the forehead to improve its shape and position in a much more pronounced way. In both cases the scar is practically imperceptible as it hides with the natural folds of the skin.

Patient with eyebrow ptosis, especially in its most lateral portion.

In those patients with drooping upper eyelids and who have excess skin or greasy bags that give a lot of volume, they may notice an appearance of having smaller, tired eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery is the best option to remove all the excess skin taking advantage of the natural fold of the eyelid. In the same surgery the specialists in oculoplasty in addition to removing skin and fat, they can modify the complex and specific musculature of the upper eyelid to strengthen the lifting muscle (responsible for raising the eyelids) if necessary.

Blepharoplasty operated patient on upper eyelids before surgery and 2 months after surgery
Blepharoplasty operated patient on upper eyelids before surgery and one month after surgery.

Finally, patients with excess lower fat sacs may be surgically removed through a minimal incision through the inner layer of the eyelid, through the conjunctiva, without wounding the skin. There are three packs of fat on the lower eyelid and by simply opening it it is possible to remove the excess and create a deep scar to tighten the lower eyelid again. Only in some very specific cases with excess skin on the left when removing the bags, in the surgery itself and through the side wrinkles (the so-called “crow’s feet”) is it possible to tighten the entire skin of the lower eyelid.

Patient operated for blepharoplasty in lower eyelids through the conjunctiva, internally, before surgery and after one month of surgery.
Patient operated on for blepharoplasty in the lower eyelids through the conjunctiva and with the lateral pinch technique for greater traction of the excess skin, before surgery and a month and a half after surgery.

Non-surgical procedures

These treatments have the advantage that they can be performed without going through the operating room. They are also used as complementary treatments to surgery.


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