Retina and Vitrium

The leading cause of blindness in the Western working age world is diabetic retinopathy . Good metabolic control, abandonment of toxic habits, moderate exercise, proper diet, escape from obesity, and regular eye exams with proper treatment are key to improving your prognosis. The course of this serious illness will depend on the patient-doctor relationship. Following the indications of the specialist the evolution can be optimal. If the patient does not comply with the rules of conduct the disorders can be catastrophic. The interrelationship with the GP, endocrinologist and ophthalmologist-retinologist are crucial.

The tests for its diagnosis and classification are:

. -Visual acuity

– Biomicroscopy

– Examination of the fundus

– Fluorescein angiography

– Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

Treatments for diabetic retinopathy can be:

– Laser photocoagulation

– Anti-VEGF (Anti-Vascular Growth Factors).

– Vitrectomy

AMD (age-related macular degeneration)

It is the leading cause of blindness in the industrialized world in geriatric age.

It is classified into two fundamental types: the dry or atrophic form and the wet or exudative form. The most important symptoms are decreased vision, along with “metamorphopsia” (see deformed objects). No useful treatment has been shown for atrophic forms. Needless to say, it is a very slowly progressive form. Exudative forms are very aggressive and must be treated. There is no standard treatment for all types or subclassifications

The fundamental tests for its diagnosis and classification are:

– Visual acuity

– Study of metamorphopsia

– Biomicroscopy

– Examination of the fundus

– Fluorescein angiography and / or indocyanine green

– Optical coherence tomography

The treatments are:

– Laser

– Photodynamic therapy

– Anti-VEGF (Anti-Vascular Growth Factors).

To date no treatment is curative. They are palliative treatments. It is a disease that occurs in outbreaks: it has periods of remission interspersed with periods of activity.

BEFORE treatment
AFTER treatment

Retinal detachment

The first symptom is usually the observation of lightning lights or floaters ( Flies ). When this happens, the ophthalmologist must be consulted urgently, since if the tear is detected in the retina before there is detachment, the treatment with laser photocoagulation is decisive for the good evolution of this pathology. If there is detachment, the treatment is surgical, and better results are obtained the earlier the detection and treatment. Vitriretinal surgery is one of the most complex surgeries in the ophthalmic specialty. Good scientific and methodological knowledge give, today, excellent results in a pathology that a few years ago resulted in blindness in most cases.

BEFORE treatment
AFTER treatment


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